Say hello to this amazing gadget which defines your hand’s motions with music. The interesting thing about this device is that you totally don’t need to acquire good knowledge about music to make the music. The “Phonotonic” is all about your hand’s movements.

Key Facts:

  • Motion sensor and App that create and control the music
  • Free music tracks included
  • 400+ possible music mixes
  • Record your best perf & battles and share them on social media
  • Connect a second phonotonic for more interactivity
  • Sports, well-being or to party, you decide!


The nature of work of this device is quite simple. You just have to connect it to your phone or tablet through WiFi and everything is done by the sensors placed in it. They read your movement and give you back the music you are creating; same type of sensors which your phones carry these days. The sensor is covered by the silicon case which is fairly attractive in appearance. The plus point is that you can take out the sensor from it and place it anywhere on your body.

phonotonic -pink2 When its mobile app is launched, it asks you to select the rhythm and of course the main line, and there you go. You can jump and you can dance with the sphere in your hand. You can create any kind of music you want.


The phonotonic startup team has been working on this device for almost 2 years to give you the device of super entertainment. It captures your movement well and sounds very natural. If you change your pace from fast to slow quickly it’ll make you feel the change. You can share the moment with your friend by giving him the one sphere controlling the main line and you can control the rhythm.