Blackberry flew off the global tech market after announcing the cease of smartphones in September last year but the Alcatel owners known as TCL bought Blackberry. The new administration came forward with the unveiling of first blackberry phone called as KEYone.

Blackberry KeyoneDesign

The design of Blackberry KEYone is quite sturdy which is held together with aluminum frame and this adds weight to it making the phone feel solid in the hand. The feel of Faux-leather at the back is amazing along with the fact that it doesn’t catch fingerprints and it seems hard enough to not get scratched easily. The curvy edges are placed at bottom and sides while the corners are rounded and the top is kept plane to make it look more solid.



The trademark keyboard of blackberry is still in place; even after the smartphone industry has opted for touchscreen qwerty, blackberry is sticking with small physical buttons on keyboard. The keyboard works as a trackpad working with the gestures. So this shows you have to type with the physical buttons of the keyboard during messaging and emails while using the trackpad feature to scroll through it. 52 buttons are customizable to have shortcuts of your choice while for the first time the fingerprint sensor is introduced in blackberry and that too built into spacebar of the qwerty.

Blackberry Keyone



Blackberry KEYone carries a 12mp main camera. It is optimized for large pixel size which makes it take better pictures in low light. Blackberry placed sensor of Sony and that works well on it. The secondary camera is 8mp having the wide angle lens of 84 degrees but with fixed focus. Zoomed pictures evenly clear no matter from how far they have been taken and that is due to the digital zoom technology. The auto adjustment of bright keeps the photo lit nicely. The wide angle lens of front helps in video calls.

smart-phones - BlackBerry KEYone features and Review
smart-phones - BlackBerry KEYone features and Review



KEYone runs on android. While the phone is designed for business users and corporate personals so security has been a priority that’s why it is equipped with DTEK by blackberry which is there to monitor the threats and notifies you when security is at stake. It even sends you the notification of different apps accessing your personal things like camera taking photos, sending a text message or accessing your contacts.

Blackberry Hub is the key feature necessary for business personals to access the text messages, email or messages from any social media app in one place so that you aren’t switching between the apps to check your recent mails or texts.

smart-phones - BlackBerry KEYone features and Review



It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor linking to the Adreno 506 GPU along with battery capacity of 3505mAh so this shows that battery timing will be good enough. The Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 is also present in KEYone which makes it get charged up to 50% in 40 minutes while the turbocharging can also be done if you have very few minutes and that is done with the feature known as BlackBerry Boost.

smart-phones - BlackBerry KEYone features and Review