Earphones! You use them, you need them, you love them, but to get the best ones out there, you gotta pay big and many times, you are not willing to pay that much but you still want to get some good sounding earphones. And even if you have any of the high-end ones you need a spare like Langsdom M300. They are sturdy due to their metallic shell and are earphones with a mic so you can use them for calls or your gaming needs.

You know some famous earphones like Bose QuietComfort 35, Sony MDR-1A and Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, but to get your hands on those earphones you gotta break your bank.

Langsdom M300

So the earphones I am gonna show you today not only sound good, but they also don’t hurt to pay for. You might not have heard about them but trust me, when you try these earphones you are not gonna believe the sound quality these cheap earphones possess.

The earphones I am talking about are Langsdom M300. I know you might be thinking “I have not heard about this company before”. Well, that is because it is a Chinese company. Now before you guys start commenting down there about how bad Chinese products are, I am gonna tell you to bear with me. I was saying exactly such things when my friend told me about them. But I must tell you after I tried these earphones myself and listened to them for sometime, I came back to my friend and apologized.


So I ordered these earphones from AliExpress and tried them on for about a week now, and I am really impressed with these so far. So just mentioning the fundamental specs, Langsdom M300 have 10mm drivers, 115dB sensitivity, 20~20000Hz frequency range and a 1.2-meter long cable. This gadget also got noise-canceling capabilities and bass. The Langsdom M300 from AliExpress have also got a good mic, volume control and music controls on the cable. These Langsdom earphones are also metallic so they won’t break on you anytime soon.

Langsdom M300 - features

Langsdom M300 - features


The earphones come in colors like Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Gold.


All these specs might sound like any other high-end earphones but trust me, when you try these earphones you are gonna be amazed by the sound quality and the price. Just read the reviews on the AliExpress website and you’ll get satisfied.
So how much do you think these earphones cost? Just $4.50. Isn’t that cheap and unbelievable? Yes it is, and when you listen to these earphones you are gonna be amazed even more.