Nokia made a successful string of handsets at the end of the 20th century before Microsoft took over. That shining time consisted one of the most used cellphone; Nokia 3310. This time Nokia worked upon the idea of redesigning the old Nokia 3310 and launched it with the same name.

Basic Info:

Weight: 79.6g
Dimensions: 115.6 x 51 x 12.8mm
OS: Nokia Series 30+
Screen size: 2.4-inch
Resolution: 240 x 320
Storage: 16MB, microSD (32GB)
Battery: 1,200mAh
Rear camera: 2MP

Design and build

The new 2017 Nokia 3310 is a design upgrade from the previous traditional cellphone, but they retained the touch of old design to keep the reminiscence. The shape of the buttons is quite like the old one with the contrasting run-around holding these buttons. It comes in few bright neon colors which makes it more interesting to buy. The plastic body makes you live the feel of old Nokia 3310 but the quality is fairly an upgrade.

nokia 3310

nokia 3310



Display of new 3310 is 2.4” while it holds the resolution of 240x320 while the original 3310 comprised of 1.5” monochrome screen. This looks quite poor to you as we live in the age of HD screens but let’s stop here and think about the fact that it is basically made to get distant from the high-tech phones and that’s the beauty of this cellphone. The screen is bright and good enough to use or read from it.

nokia 3310



You won’t believe if I tell you that new Nokia 3310 has no WiFi, 3G, Facebook and not even any app store. Nokia tried it’s best to keep it old school cellphone by constraining it to SMS and Call.

This cellphone is as fast and sharp as your new smartphone but it will definitely take you back to the old time making you nostalgic. The best part of nostalgia is that the old snake game is now quicker, better and smooth than it was before so you can enjoy that in your free time. The performance seems totally normal after using the phone and running this game.

snakes game


Battery and connectivity

The small screen and low resolution ensure that battery life won’t ever disappoint you. This will amaze you, the standby battery lasts a whole month before you need to plug it in again! otherwise in normal use, it can go up to 3 to 4 days without charging. Unlike iPhone, it also has an audio jack 3.5mm for you to enjoy good music.




smart-phones - Nokia making people nostalgic with a button phone!


This is totally the new feature added to Nokia 3310 and you just can’t compare the camera of this phone to any other smartphone camera you ever used because it’s slow and laggy apart from the fact it takes horrible pictures that look amazingly full of sentiments as it takes you back to the past and that’s what this phone is all about.