Rock Zircon Review

Rock zircons are budget headphone offering by the Chinese manufacturer Rock, that seems to be a very solid looking option for people looking for headphones in the 20$ price range. Let us dive in this Rock Zircon review and see why they are worth your money.

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The zircons come in two colors, are very well built, and although they would appear to be ordinary on first encounter, its when you get a closer look that you can really appreciate its beauty. The body is made of zircon material which feels a lot like ceramic giving it a premium feel as opposed to the cheap plastic build most budget headphones go for. This adds glossiness to its look that doesn’t go away with time. The cable is braided which doesn’t tangle easily. It has a solid built 3.5mm aluminum jack with thumb support, which makes it a lot easier to use. There is also a built-in mic with call accept/reject button that would support most phones. The actual cable is made of high-quality copper for good conductivity and less distortion.

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headphones - One of the best budget earphones Rock zircon - Review

Features and Performance(9/10)

The Rock zircons are comfortable to wear even for longer periods. I have used it for some light running and had no complaints.

The vibrating diaphragm accompanied by the zircon material produces a sound you would never expect of a budget headphone.

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Sound quality

The hardness of the material helps with the clarity, the highs are crisp, the lows are deep and the mids are crystal clear, producing absolutely stunning sounds. Even if you compare the sound quality to much more expensive headsets you would barely see any difference in sound quality.


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After using the headphones for a few months it has stayed solid and the sound quality hasn’t deteriorated in any way either. Thus it’s a solid and rugged piece of headphones that isn’t too heavy on the wallet and does not compromise on build quality or sound quality. Although these cost less then 15$(on Aliexpress at the time of review) I would recommend these headphones even if your budget was around 100$.