For all the budding fitness enthusiasts wanting to keep tabs on workouts or physical activity sessions, and that too in a ‘smart’ way, look no further – Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 provides a neat and hassle free solution at a mouthwatering price tag. Let’s see in this Xiaomi mi band 2 review all the features and specifications of this gadget.


  • Excellent battery performance (approx. 20 days)
  • Highly affordable
  • Smartphone pairing
  • Syncing with Google Fit/Apple health


  • Display barely readable outdoors


Mi Band 2 brings with it a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Mi Band 1, in almost all aspects. Simplicity has been a hallmark of Xiaomi’s fitness trackers and Mi Band  2 proudly upholds this tradition. But in a market with a plethora fitness trackers, offering a range of features, how well will the Mi 2 fare? Is the combo of low price and simplicity backed up by performance? Find out in the detailed Xiaomi mi band 2 review below.


Design (9/10)

Mi Band 2 is a simple, sleek and aesthetically pleasing tracker. Weighing only 19g and housing an aluminum alloy sensor body within a thermoplastic band, Mi 2 snuggles comfortably around the wrist. Its small size and simple outlook coupled with an adjustable and sturdy strap encourages the user to wear it securely and confidently, as often as possible. The band material itself is hypoallergenic i.e. unlikely to cause any allergies even for extended wearing times.

mi band 2


Display (7/10)

The sweetest upgrade introduced in the Mi Band 2 is an OLED display that enables it to compete head-on with some of the best sellers in the fitness trackers’ category.  This single, powerful feature lets the user view, and toggle between a digital clock, step counts and heart rate utilizing a capacitive touch button flushed within the screen. The button appears large and unusual at first but is certainly not a deal breaker in anyway whatsoever. Apart from the button, time can be displayed simply by lifting the wrist to your face. The only shortcoming of the OLED display is observed outdoors where it is barely visible, possibly in an attempt to prolong battery life.


Battery (9/10)

With a standby time of 20 days, Xiaomi has truly given its competitors a run for their money. While this does come at a trade-off – reduced display visibility – it’s not too much of a bother since the tracker easily fulfills the main purpose of tracking day to day fitness without the hassle of constant recharging.


Features & Performance (8/10)

  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Step Count
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Smart Alerts
  • Syncs with Google Fit

Mi Band 2 utilizes an optical heart rate sensor to log pulse for active or rest states. It does more than a fair job in terms of performance and has received generally positive reviews.

Activity monitoring is neatly done through Xiaomi’s very own Mi Fit app. Pairing is a breeze and offers a range of typical features like calorie counts, distance, heart rate. The logs of individual features are viewable by day, week or month. It supports stats sharing through Facebook and Twitter.

Android users can also pair the device using Google Fit, while iPhone users can sync Mi Fit data to Apple Health.



Additional Features

The Mi Band 2 can easily be worn while sleeping. Taking advantage of changes in pulse during sleep, the heart rate tracker records bedtime pulse rates to give an account of sleep patterns. Light and deep sleep tracking along with movements during sleep allow for sleep quality patterns to be ascertained utilizing the Mi Fit app.

Another interesting feature in form of a smart alarm sends subtle vibrations to your hand a little before the actual alarm goes off in order to prepare you to wake up.

Fitness motivation is also provided in form of idle alerts – the tracker dutifully keeps a track of inactivity and reminds the user at preset, configurable times to resume physical activity.

Other smart features of the tracker include instant unlocking of a paired smartphone when it’s near it. SMS and incoming call alert notifications can also be received on the tracker.


The Bottom Line

The enviable battery performance of Mi Band 2 along with its raw simplicity is enough to capture fitness enthusiasts’ interest. Being feature rich at a ridiculously low price makes this tracker simply irresistible. This little gadget is equally good for fitness newbies and seasoned comrades. It is expected that with the same strategy of simplicity and affordability, Xiaomi’s line of trackers shall continue to remain in the best sellers category apart from giving a tough time to their competitors.