Xiaomi piston V3 are the third installment of the piston series headphones by Xiaomi.

It is a very well designed, good sounding and low budget package that would be enough to fulfill the needs of most users.


In designing the Piston V3 Xiaomi focused on user comfort and ergonomics, and their philosophy worked quite well. The result is a stunning looking headphones that would be extremely comfortable to wear in almost all conditions, including workout. This is the reason Xiaomi  Piston V3 won the reddot design award in 2015.


headphones - Xiaomi piston V3


headphones - Xiaomi piston V3

The body is fully metallic made of aluminum with a premium feel to it. Xiaomi claims to have used military grade materials in the design thus giving it longer life span. The cable is braided with break resistant kevlar fibers which is durable and tangle free. Inside are enameled copper wires that provide low distortion to the sound. It comes in a very premium packaging and include multiple sizes of earbud covers.


headphones - Xiaomi piston V3headphones - Xiaomi piston V3

Features and Performance(8/10)

For headphone in this price range the Piston V3 are very good sounding headphones. Xiaomi has done professional fine tuning to provide a very precise sound experience to the users. Xiaomi uses its patented airflow technology and balanced damping through the front cavity to provide a very good bass and treble performance in the Piston V3. The volume is good and i feel satisfied with the loudness in my usage but some users might find it to be a bit less louder than other options like the Rock Zircon (Read full review here).


headphones - Xiaomi piston V3


headphones - Xiaomi piston V3



In my usage the Pistons have been a very sturdy headphones while maintaining its quality of sound. However they might need a little cleaning after a few months if volume on any side start to feel lower than the other . After cleaning they were good as new (use a needle to remove the metallic mesh and clean it from the inside). I would recommend the Xiaomi Piston V3 as it provides a very good design and sound quality in a very low budget package.