Xiaomi has excelled in making high-end metal uni-body smartphones pertaining sleek designs along with good hardware and that too with the very minimal prices. Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4 is among best phones up to date. Here is why!


Design (9/10)

Redmi note 4

Xiaomi emphasized on removing flaws from the predecessor Redmi Note 3 to make  Redmi Note 4 look much better. The size is basically same to Redmi Note 3 but on design side they have worked significantly well. It is all aluminum block unlike Redmi Note 3, which is carved into the shape after going through 30 steps before turning into final one piece. The thickness has been reduced, making the phone skinnier i.e. 8.4mm. The chamfered edges make it look classier and fits well in hand.


Although it has 2 speaker grills at the bottom of the phone while 1 of them is actually speaker but the other is made just to complete the symmetry. It offers microUSB port in between of the grills while Redmi Pro have a USB typeC port. Top of the phone contain 3.5mm audio jack. Overall the design of the phone is quite overwhelming and feels premium in the hand.


Redmi note 4 frontRedmi note 4 back


Hardware (8.5/10)

Xiaomi’s budget phones are coming laterally with great hardware, and they hooked to the same plan with Redmi Note 4. Redmi was launched with 2 processors, MediaTek’s Helio X20 for Chinese model while Indian model was powered by Snapdragon 625. This proves Redmi Note 4 to be energy efficient, this chip enables the phone to go through a day’s tasks with ease. The 4gb of RAM makes it run smoothly and there isn’t any lag or slowdowns. Snapdragon 625 also provides proficient performance during visually demanding games so this make it all well in gaming performance too.

smart-phones - Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review


Screen (8/10)

Redmi Note 4 is placed with 1080p IPS LCD 5.5” screen. Panel is scratch resistant with 2.5-D glass from an unknown company with Xiaomi didn’t disclose while they claim it to be Corning competitor. This screen gives the brightness up to 450nits while going down to 1nit that is good option for low light night users and you can also avail the option of reading mode to reduce the blue light during.

Redmi note 4

Camera (7/10)

Xiaomi equipped Redmi Note 4 with 13Mp front camera with aperture f/2.0. The dual tone flash is also placed alongside. While the front camera is 5Mp. So the camera can’t be compared to flagships but it is good enough for the daily usage as the images are quite soft in detailing but the blurring factor is somewhat also present. Camera captures the color very vivid and the add on of HDR mode improves the picture to a decent level. Overall camera is not that great but we can’t even say it’s bad.

redmi pic


Battery life (9/10)

Note 4 is packed with the 4100mAh battery which is slightly larger than its predecessor. It provides an easily a day and half’s power on heavy use which includes gaming and online streaming and if you don’t have the high usage it can give you up to 2 days. The drawback of its battery is that its fast charging is only limited to 5V/2A that means the charging is done on the speed of quick charge 2.0 so it takes almost 2 hours to be fully charged.

Bottom line

Xiaomi tried and succeeded in giving its predecessor a better look with chamfered edges. They focused on camera and design, seems like they did great fixing all the flaws from Redmi Note 3 and created good overall well-rounded device that is admirable value of money!